JFK Joins The World Welcoming


From: Ashtar On The Road,

through Susan Leland, 13th February, 2009

President John F. Kennedy
John Fitzgerald Kennedy addressing the February 10, 2009 Ashtar teleconference:

"Good Evening, Fellow Citizens of the World! It is me, the one you know as John Fitzgerald Kennedy. JFK was the name that I went by, and I was indeed a foreteller and an usher to the Age of Aquarius that is being discussed here in this forum in this sacred company.

And so I come to assure you that the seeds that we planted have taken root and are blooming fully, beautifully, upon the Planet. And it is because you are who you are, and it is because you have answered the call and that you are doing for your country and for your World, all that you are doing now, Beloved Citizens of the World.

And so we have come to this gathering so that I can assure you that that which I had the vision for - and that for which you have come into this lifetime, whether in the 60s, before or after - the vision has lived, it has survived, it has thrived, and the vision is now realized.

You kept it alive, Beloved Ones. You never let the flame of Love die. And just as it burns still now upon that place where the body of the one who had the person and personality of me is buried, that Flame burns brighter and brighter in the hearts of all.

And we are happy to tell you that a critical mass has been reached, if you will, in the political arena, and that those who have accepted the white hats are going to be giving quite a different story, news brief, briefings, and in-depth reportings, of what has really been going on behind the scenes in your halls of government.

And I am ready to return to the stage and to tell all that I know from the unique perspective that I have had in company with the Masters. They have given me home in their sacred space; they have created a place for me, where I could be of most service, where I could continue to serve from, shall we say a bit of a higher level, than the third dimensional government which has been in place all of this time until this present day.

And when another inauguration took place, which was as significant as mine, in the respect of continuance of that which I began; and when I say I, I am not just speaking of myself, I am speaking of all of us who had the vision, whether or not you served in the peace corps, in public office, or in some kind of humanitarian cause, makes no difference.

You've all answered the call beautifully, and you are now doing all that you can do in this moment for the World and you are doing what you can do for your country to be the leader in bringing forth that which we call NESARA.

It is real, Beloved Ones! It is real! And I speak not just for myself, and this voice obviously did not have the same human birthplace as me, so you may not recognize quite the same manner of speaking, but nevertheless, I am joined with all of this grand company when I say that you have answered the call. You have responded, and it is because of you that your country and the world is continuing.

There was another plan you know. It could have happened in one of several ways, but the plan was quite different. And I have watched and I have supported the Light and the work of the Lightworkers all these years, knowing that there was a greater plan, knowing that it started out as a possibility and that far from extinguishing the Light, the lives of myself and my beloved brother, the one you know as Robert, and the most honored and beloved Dr. King, were here perhaps a brief time upon the stage.

The Light that we lit took place in your hearts. We only fanned what was already there, because it was you Beloved Ones, just as you lit those candles, you yourself have been brightly lit all this time. And you may not even have known it, but you were the ones, Beloveds, who came forth to this time with such great inspirations and such passion and such eagerness, to follow in the footsteps of those of us whom you have listened to and been inspired by before; so we're all here.

The great Ghandi is here among us and all of those who have stood for Peace through all time. And the great Masters are here, the ones you honor and they are so many, but be assured that the representatives of all of the major spiritual groups of the world - Beloved Sananda, Beloved Buddha, Beloved Abraham, Confucius, all of the major spiritual truth tellers are here.

We have not named them all, but they are here in this company. We were invited to a party. We've been here off and on and with you certainly in company energetically and spiritually all this time, and we're here now because you came and accepted an early invitation to prepare, and issue special invitations for those who didn't think they would be invited to this particular party, the one you call the Age of Aquarius.

And so let us join together. Let us join together as Lightworkers, what you call humanitarian, and truly the welcome party to the Age of Aquarius that we have all waited for with such eagerness. And let us move together into this age - ONE HEART, ONE MIND, ONE LIGHT - for the world to come and join.

So thank you, my Fellow Citizens of the World, for inviting me to come and speak this evening and to tell you what shining Lights you are, and how together we are accomplishing this mission. We have complete success assured, and our Galactic Brothers and Sisters are here with us now to help us and assist us in this final, final bit of a walk forward.

So let us join and let us be together - Citizens of the Age of Aquarius - ONE HEART, ONE MIND, ONE WORLD. Thank you and Namaste!"

© Susan Leland 2009. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered.

NESARA INTERNATIONAL: President John F. Kennedy
President John F. Kennedy
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