A Message to the PEOPLE of AMERICA

Speak up for your Rights!

13th April 2006

through Lisa

NESARA INTERNATIONAL: President John F. Kennedy

Good day Lisa. I feel privileged to be of service to the people of America through your telepathic skills. I ask my fellow Americans to examine their hearts. Do you live day to day without guilt, knowing you have done all you can to promote love among your family, co-workers and friends? Do you try to live an honourable life? Do you do the right thing by others? This reflects what is truly in your hearts regarding your fellowmen.

It is right to treat others as you would want to be treated. Then why would you allow your government to deny you the very things you want? Democracy gives you the privilege to elect a group of people that are supposed to work for you and manage a system that benefits all of the people it serves. Governors and congressmen work for you, they manage your money and you should have a say as to how they will spend it. I believe many Americans have forgotten this constitutional right.

You are aware that your voting system has been violated and is no longer honest. You must not sit by and allow this to continue any longer. Teach your children that united a nation is strong. You must all join together and appoint those whom you can trust to make government accountable to You the people.

This is what you can do for your country.

I am John F. Kennedy

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