A Message to the PEOPLE of AMERICA

Create Thoughts for Change

7th April 2006

through Lisa

NESARA INTERNATIONAL: President John F. Kennedy

Good day Lisa. It is a pleasure to be connected with you again. I am not far from your realm. We overlap and so I can observe many events on earth. I choose what I will observe. I only need to have a thought of where I wish to be and I am there. I am able to observe the many happenings in your government. I can observe what is transpiring in many locations around the globe. It is an advantage for me to be able to do this. As for yourselves, time continues to drag on as if no changes are occurring.

But every second a thought begins in your mind. If you express those thoughts you may find like-minded people with the same thoughts. A discussion occurs and an agreement is formed. This creates small groups of people with the same desires and ideas. This gives your thoughts power therefore making them a reality. Yes, these are the first steps to create change. Maybe your thoughts are to elect a better government. A government that will represent freedom and rights for all. A government that will work for the people instead of itself. You can all start to create thoughts for change. Encourage your children to get involved in the decisions you make for their futures. They will be the leaders of this planet some day. I send you my blessings and support. Let's start to make change a priority.

I am John F. Kennedy

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