A Message to the PEOPLE of AMERICA

Open your eyes to Injustices

Form Groups and write Congress

30th March 2006

through Lisa

NESARA INTERNATIONAL: President John F. Kennedy

Dear Fellowmen,

It is time to open your eyes to the injustices that are all around you. Every day there is someone who is suffering because a law was not changed. You have lost your freedom little by little. Have you not noticed this? Every day in your daily routines - going to the grocery store or to gas up your car - you all need more and more money to pay. The prices go up every year. How much more do you want to pay for your medication? Many of you are going across the borders to save money. This does not have to continue if you decide together that you have had enough.

Form groups and write to your congress or governors. Tell them you want change. Together you are very powerful and can persuade others to join your fight for change. Be brave, dear brothers and sisters. Please follow my lead and please heed my words. Band together for the future of your children. They depend on the choices that you make today.

I am John F. Kennedy

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