A Message to the PEOPLE of AMERICA

Start Caring for
Your Nation, Your Planet, Your Children's Future

11th March 2006
through Lisa

NESARA INTERNATIONAL: President John F. Kennedy

Good day Lisa. I am so pleased that you are able to invite me to speak with you today. We have so much to tell the American public. I fought so hard as President to establish freedom of rights for all Americans. There was so much oppression of the black population at that time. I would like to commend all those people who devoted and sacrificed their lives fighting for these rights. It is your courage that is responsible for the freedoms that you all enjoy today. But I ask the American people to become involved and help protect these rights.

Many in power look to control you through retail of food, water, medical care and drugs, housing, traveling devices [transportation]. They control everything you do and they delegate how you should live and how much it will cost you. They are making great profits from this. This type of power is also causing pollution, destruction of our forests in many parts of the world, destruction of many species of insects, birds, mammals, and sea-life.

Many of you agree this is sad. You must not let this happen any further. When are you going to start really caring about your planet? You must start to speak out against corporations and governments. The future of your children depends on your protecting this planet. They will be living on this planet in the future. Each one of you knows what is right and what is wrong. Stop pretending you can't make a difference.

Please, America, band together. Start to care deeply about your nation, your planet and your children's future.

I am John F. Kennedy.

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