A Message to the PEOPLE of AMERICA

7th March 2006
through Lisa

NESARA INTERNATIONAL: President John F. Kennedy

This is John Kennedy. It is a pleasure to be able to speak with you for the first time Lisa. This is not the first time I have corresponded using telepathy with a human. I have had contact with a gentleman in the United States on several occasions. He is not a government employee.

Telepathy has been on my classroom curriculum for some time. I have looked forward to the opportunity to make connection with other telepaths. I wish to continue to be of service to my fellow Americans. My life was taken so suddenly without warning. I knew the possibility of that happening was there. I always stood up for the unfortunate, the poor, the oppressed of our society. I loved Martin Luther King's courage and his tireless efforts towards gaining rights for the black population.

America has made great progress in restoring freedom to the black person since then. But there is still discrimination in many parts of the nation. I say to the American people to open their eyes and ears to the truth about your government. Affairs are not well, you are being deceived and have been for decades. Please look for the many cover ups and demand nothing less than what you deserve: the truth. Pay attention and question everything. You must speak out for your beliefs and find others who feel the same. Together you are strong and can bring about changes regarding your rights, better education, social programs, you can make drugs affordable again and all receive medical care. You have the right to all of these in your lives. Together you are strong.

Do not ask what I can do for you but what you can do for your country. I am John F. Kennedy.

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