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14th December 2005 (AM)
through Helen Engel

H: Good morning, Mr. Lincoln.

A: And good day to you. There are portends of goodwill, and we will direct our thoughts to people of goodwill.

Goodwill comes either from the heart, or from community. A community that is filled with goodwill penetrates into the being of those in the community, and they follow suit.

In America the people are of goodwill, but they are not led by their so-called leaders. In fact, their leaders thwart all attempts at goodwill, substituting greed and racism.

How will we turn that around? How will the entire nation become a nation of goodwill? Here is the solution. One person, perhaps an eight-year old boy, decides to feed a hungry man. He persuades his mother to give him food for the man. A neighbor sees the eight-year old boy feeding the hungry man, and offers some food.

Example. Example is the easiest way to teach goodwill.

What needs to be done by neighbors to neighbors? Firstly, physical needs, food, shelter and clothing. Next comes self-respect. If a man cannot stand tall within his own community, where can he stand tall? The third is employment, so that one's needs are provided for. Next, the right of free speech, and the right to attend religious services of one's choosing. And lastly, an opportunity to enjoy culture, the arts, music, travel, self learning, continuing education, and personal growth toward self-realization .

What a list! Where to begin? Begin with yourself. Choose one banner, one ribbon, and run with it, until you reach that goal. When you have achieved that goal, hold your ribbon high. Say, "I have achieved. I have met my goal." Then set another. And another.

Now we come to a new thought. The thought of groups, and group cooperation. What will this replace? This will replace the profit system. A profit system is one that places a candle on top of each birthday cake. That candle says, "I must make my profit before I eat my cake." There will not be peace until the profit motive is removed from the face of the earth.

My dear fellow Americans, it is not necessary to make a profit from your labors. It is sufficient to work together for the mutual good of all. (very long pause)

A concept of working together, without a profit motive, will be very strange to every American. We will develop the alternative very slowly, so that it is grasped by all. Begin with a group that enjoys doing something special, such as gardening, or growing flowers, or repairing bicycles, or riding horseback. Join the group, and learn group thought, how one does not speak rudely within the group. Each gives a little, and it becomes a lot. Group kindness, group sharing, group planning, this is where we will begin.

One more thought for the day, and that is the scope of togetherness. Americans are proud to be Americans, in spite of how far we have sunk in the eyes of the world. This group togetherness will rebuild our nation, so that once again, when we visit another country, the citizens will hold out their hand to welcome us.

Keep these thoughts in your mind, until we meet again.

I am Abraham, and you are my neighbors.


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