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12th December 2005
through Helen Engel

I shall doze into ever-ever land.
All hail, what comes?
Is it pageantry, or gentry?

What comes?
Is it the rattle of an army, proud
Ready for battle?

No, not anymore.
They are gone forever.
The mighty warrior is now a slave,
The meager peasant is a king.

How far have the great ones fallen.
To the depths of iniquity

and to antiquity.

I am Abraham Lincoln.

In our realm thought comes very easily, and words blend together naturally.

We can speak of the things we know, or we can discuss new ideas, new talents, new discoveries. Our realm is vast, and in it are beings who are ageless. They have learned all manner of wonderful things. They wish to share their knowledge with you, so that you may rise out of poverty, sadness, and hate.

Let us look at a land where people love. What is the difference between love and hate? Hate creates a sneering look, and those looks hurt. Hate promotes anger, and anger leads to injustice and revenge. The reason for hate may have many roots - oppression, greed, want, the taking of things that belong to another. Hate can be stored inside, and when it welds up into pure anger, discretion goes out the window, and we have mob violence.

What shall we do? Does love come easily out of hate? Is there a cooling down period, where calm can be felt and heard?

If we will look ahead, say four or five years from now, what will we see? Certainly a new government. But will we have new policies, new rules? Will greed and profit come first, or will the right for food, shelter and clothing top the list?

Who will make the decisons? Are you going to leave them to your elected legislators? Do you want a share of the responsibility of government?

Yes, my fellow Americans, we have much to do. When peace is declared, we will begin on a new path, the path of reconstruction.

You will choose what will be reconstructed. You will govern what is taught in schools. Think now, think how you will determine the use of your lands, your waterways, your valleys and streams. Speak out and be heard.

Many of the persons who will walk with you, and talk with you, and march with you, will be your own ancestors returned, with a new body and a new name.

Welcome them. Feel the joy in their step, the enthusiasm in their work. Become them. Rebuild America, make it new. Make it yours.

I am Abraham Lincoln. I see peace and plenty on the horizon.

That is all.


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