the New Government of AMERICA

12th December 2005
through Helen Engel

There is a great deal that every government can do for its people. The framework for any democratic governrnent is pliable, so that changes in grants, provisions for health, for the care of the poor, can be made readily.

I would like now to speak about charity. Charity is a force of the heart that flows outward and causes action to be taken. Charity sees the needs of the neighbor, and takes action to fill those needs. This is the first role that a new government in America will play. It will look for the needs of its people and fill those needs. The methods will be made plain to the those in administration.

Let me now speak about the second criteria that needs to be addressed by the administration. That is the military. Allow the military to be disbanded, but care for those human beings who have formed the military. Give them generous pensions, and an opportunity to be retrained. Give them housing, and if they have children, allow for that by increasing their pension. Do not fail the Military.

Thirdly, is the question of the health of the people of this nation. Allow the administration to seek out other world health services, and gather together men of wisdom so that a nation wide health care system will be put in place within two years of the new administration taking office.

If there are questions that need to be asked, e-mail them to us. [to ] We will endeavor to guide you daily.

Please realize that we are very near you. There is a dimension that is parallel to yours. It is as if our mind, our personality, our soul and our entire entity is with you, but in a lighter body that is invisible to you. Many masters are among you. We urge you to become telepathic, so that over this whole nation will ring out the truth, coming from the lips of those who governed this country well in former times, and would speak with you again.

This is my message at this time. Hearken unto me, and hearken unto those others who will guide you.

I am Abraham Lincoln, and you are my beloved friends.


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