The Victory has been won

28th June, 2006

through Lily Ann

Greetings to all on this most splendid occasion. It has been what seems like a very long time in coming forth, but in many ways has been merely the blink of an eye. Take note of all that is around you at this time and realize that this world, your home, will never be the same again. The victory is won indeed, and though the evidence is yet unseen and untold, know that it is finished. You can soon begin in earnest to reclaim your heritage, your constitution, and become a great and mighty force for the new government to contend with. For many of you will stand in your truth and never allow this evil to occur again.

Amidst all of the celebration by so many of you, there will also be fear, anger, misunderstandings, etc., that will require your full attention, assistance and patience to quell. For there are many who have chosen to not see what has been going on and many who have felt helpless and sickened by the deeds of this evil government and it has been like a festering sore within their chest while they trudged through the injustices of daily activities.

Cast your eyes upward my friends, and know that you have support all above you and around you both now and in the time to come as you raise the standard for liberty, truth and justice for all. Be proud of your efforts no matter how meager you felt they were, for everyone's efforts and desires have blended to create this grand spectacle of light that emanates from your earth home. We have all been observing and learning as you too have been doing the same. We will all work together, both sides of the veil, in a grand act of co-creation of the new powers of governance by the people, for the people and with the people.


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