The Light shines through in Washington

3rd March 2006

through Lily Ann

Good morning Lily. It is with great pleasure that I am here to speak with you. Sounds of battle cries are coming from the ranks within the great white dome of Washington. There are those within the ranks who are seeking to bring down this government for the purpose of conquering the people through smaller groups and spreading the ranks thinner to distract those they oppose. They are unyielding of their current power within government and are making every effort to maintain control. They seek to divide and conquer and destroy the opposition with lies and mayhem. There are many who are trying to maintain civility and order in the many offices of the government but they are experiencing increasing difficulties in doing so. Needless to say, all is not as it appears to be. Do not be deceived by appearances of normalcy in Washington.

The recent exposures of the Katrina fiasco have created even more division among the leaders and party members. The exposure to the public of the proposed sales of the port operations to the Saudi Arabians have stirred the people to begin waking up to what is going on in the affairs of government and they are beginning to ask questions of their representatives. The truth about the illegal war in Iraq is coming to the surface and causing many of the families of the armed forces to be asking questions.

This is good news, dear ones, for it means that the Light of God's people is shining through the fog of deceit and bringing the truth to the surface for all to see. Waiver not in your determination to bring an end to this evil empire and to raise up a new government of the people. For guns and bombs will not stop evil, nor bring to pass freedom from tyranny. This freedom from oppression and slavery to the monster known as government shall come from peaceful, forceful action from the people. Remember that the Berlin wall came down piece by piece by the people who decided that they had enough of isolation and killing and chose unity and peace.

I say unto you now is the time for unity to triumph and this can happen only through the combined efforts of small groups of people melding into larger and larger groups until the concept of justice and freedom for ALL is brought forth throughout the land.

It begins with one person sowing the seeds of love, freedom, peace, equality, justice and truth.


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