On Disclosure of Government Treason

1st March 2006 (2)

through Lily Ann

There is much work to be done from here on, for when the American government begins to crumble, many people will be needed to assist those who are in shock and disbelief of what is happening. They will need strong words of truth to guide them and to help them to recover from the chaos all around them. This will be a time of much turmoil, and great courage will be needed to stand up for the truth, to show others the way back to true sovereignty.

The people will have difficulty understanding what is happening because they have been "asleep" and unknowing about what this government has really been doing under the guise of leadership. There will be much exposure of the deceit, treason and treachery that has been going on for many of your years mostly unknown to the average citizen. The news media has been bound by this government to withhold the truth from the people and they have done a great disservice to all of you.

It is most important now for you to gather in small groups and to share your ideas about leadership and governance. Educate one another with your field of knowledge or expertise. Communicate with each other frequently to keep informed of any new developments. Meet on a regular basis. It is good to change your meeting locations.

These groups or gatherings will be much like the old town meetings, where everyone works together towards a common goal. Differences are discussed and understanding is gained through the discussion. This requires active listening with respect for the speaker, with time allowed for the idea(s) to be presented. It is a good idea to select someone to be the moderator to keep things going on an even keel and to maintain a list of those in attendance.

The purpose of the small groups is to allow people the opportunity to experience the "voice of the people" and to learn that this is how understanding and tolerance of one another begins. Each individual has value and worth and has the right to be heard.

Eventually, you will realize that you have much in common with one another and this will diminish your perceived differences. You will then start to work together for the common good of all and the real work will begin.

Thank you for your efforts.


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