8th December 2005
through Helen Engel

We are in the throes of great change. We will feel changes in weather patterns, in earth shift in its relation to the sun, so that Capricorn may appear to be off line. We may see or be aware of water currents changing. However the greatest change will be in mankind. A greater awareness of nature, or the relationship of man to the soil, earth, water and sky, will become commonplace. Much of what we, as old Masters returning, will do will be to merely point this out, and the populace will become aware willingly. This is because the atomic vibration of human beings has already been raised to a higher frequency.

One of the important facets of the changing environment for mankind will be the relation of one human being to another. This will begin in groups, and continue through all facets of the social structure of humans on the planet. People will need training in this new form of getting along together. In the past there was a feeling of being alone, and of struggling against all odds. How will that be altered so that there will be a feeling that help is always available?

This needs to be worked out on the local level, with groups. Perhaps the leaders in a community will be able to conceptualize names for those groups who handle human welfare. Another name can be formalized for the group who are concerned with the purification of water, and another for food. Use your imagination, and choose Group names that have meaning, and have life.

The next topic to be discussed today is the nature of man, and his reality. In the past many of us considered that we were placed on earth to work, eat, sleep, perhaps attend church, raise a family, grow old, and die. Is that all there is? Lightworkers are already preparing for continuing education, and special educational methods for children, and educated care of the body. If the leaders of one of these groups will go forth to other communities, to other countries, soon a world wide group will be formed on a particular subject. This will be tedious work, but the benefits will greatly surpass the efforts expended.

I would like to speak to civil servants in America, those who work and must keep their mouths shut, as the saying goes. This will not be the case much longer. It is planned that committees will be formed in every branch of government, similar to truth committees, that will bring to the front the various corrupt practices of the past. All of these activities will be altered. Any supervisor who attempts to prevent such truth from coming out will be very highly reprimanded, and even more serious action may be taken. The truth will out, all through America, until our land is cleansed of falsehood.

And now to a measure of hope. Transportation will soon be modernized, and you will be filled with joy when you see the new modes of travel that will be presented to you. Keep the faith - more and more of us will speak to you regularly, as telepaths are trained and make themselves available. That is all for this time. We shall return.

I wish to thank this messenger for assisting me to reach the people of America again on this day. Farewell.

I am Abraham Lincoln, and you are my beloved people.


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