On Working Together in a New World

23rd February 2006

through Lily Ann

There is much needs to be done my friends to prepare people and citizens for the new governments. The task looks grave and formidable but will progress quite easily once the current situation has been taken care of in your government. Know that it will become imperative for each of you to be working with each other through your communication board of the internet and through other means as you learn of them to teach each other how to work in groups and to know that, as I have said earlier, to recognize the diversity or commonality among each of you.

There will come a time in the not too distant future when there will be no boundaries of any kind and you will work together in oneness and regions as opposed to boundaries and definitions of race and culture. It will be a merging and a blending of concepts; of cultures; of governments, and of your major, major problems with your health care (or sick care) systems.

Many will rise up and work together to correct this in the new healing work that will be coming. Until that takes hold firmly there will be much that goes on in the transition of this. And there will be many who will be transitioning from the existing health-sick system (laughter) into what will become known as the healing arts.

So, those of you who know these things in terms of this, be preparing yourself to join with others of like mind, that you might speak of these things and begin to learn about how to co-create; for that is truly what all will be doing. It is a co-creation process whereby you will sit with each other and as you sit and your thoughts come together you will manifest the thought that you need for the solutions to the problems that you are discussing.

Know also you will take that as you manifest you will be working in even larger groups of specific areas such as science or education or those types of areas.

There is much that will be done as you go along. There are many of you who are ready to take on this work even now and you are strongly encouraged to do this so that you might be able to be leaders of others and share with others about how to get this moving.

We will also have people from off world who will be helping you and instructing you through telepathy as how to conduct these groups and how to work with one another to formulate greater groups of educators, scientists, and so on. So you will not be and you are not ever alone. There is much here. We are all waiting and I must say it has been for many, many years of your earth time that we have been waiting to assist you to move into your true sovereignty and govern as a people and not a 'monster'.

So in the days to come many of you will be prompted to receive communication and to act upon it. Do not be afraid of messages that you receive. Test them. Speak with others in the field (telepathy). Ask them if this is truth, if this is right, and as you move along and have more experience with this you will not doubt.

And many of you, as you sit in groups, or sit in meditation and ask for the ideas to come and the solutions to come, and many of you will look to the youth to bring you the wisdom, to be the way showers. For there are many, I tell you now, who are extremely young in your earth years who will bring much wisdom in these groups; who will be the way showers of things to come; who will understand, receive and grasp the concepts that many of the older ones have not even realized or thought of, or even imagined could possibly take place.

So you must remember this: ALL must work together and honor one another regardless of what the outside of the being looks like. There are those who are also handicapped, as you call them, who are ill, as you call them, but nonetheless many, you must remember, are powerful souls in bodies that constrict and confine them, but who receive messages and will be able to help you and assist you along your path to exercise your freedom that has been so long coming.

There will be a series of instructions coming, not only from myself, but from some of your off world friends who will assist you and instruct you in how to begin this process. It is now time for you to be looking at areas or arenas that are your passion. For it is in your passion that you will lead and grow. And so you must begin now to look at what your passion is - what you feel within you as a fire that you seek to carry to others to awaken them to know what is their potential and how all can be one and work together to make a mighty plan for this new earth. I thank you.


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