9th March, 2007

through Lisa

Dear brothers and sisters, it is with sadness that I greet all of you today. I look upon my beautiful planet, I see the famine, the corruption, the mismanagement, the wars. I see the gap between those that have and those who don't, between the rich and poor. This gap continues to widen in every nation of the world. I see how the Earth is suffering from being ravaged of its bounty.

In the U. S. alone there are 16 million Americans who live in deep or severe poverty. This amount has climbed progressively for the last few decades. Most are white of various cultures and the others are black. One in three of the severely poor are under 17 years and most of them are single females with children. Those children are your future.

As productivity increases in the workplace your wages and jobs have lagged behind. So where is all the money going? The national income is going to corporations instead of wages and salaries. It is going to investors, the wealthy pockets of the world. That is why your income does not reflect inflation increases. This is quickly pushing 37 million people into deeper poverty.

Why is this happening? Your nation is spending more than it is creating and accumulating a huge debt. Your world leaders are also greedy and taking most of it. Some of you are living a grand lifestyle. If you are on the right side of the line, you are receiving the better jobs, the better education, the better opportunities. That is why some of you drive those fancy cars while others have no cars.

And to keep up your standard of life your governments must keep the oil coming, they must borrow back the money you paid for the oil. Any dividends are what is paying those who lent us the money like Saudi Arabia, China.

So what are we going to do. All of you better pay attention to this crisis and start demanding the kind of future you want today. Better government, independence, new and creative ideas with a new future. Alternative heating, water powered cars, fresh water, no more pollution of our air water and land. No more mining, find alternative materials. These are some of the paths we can take. Alternative ideas are already in place waiting to be expanded on all over the world if given a chance. The old ways of government don't work so create a brand new government, smaller or more localized and community oriented. Let's clean up the planet. I am here and I am joining you in the fight of your life. I am Abraham Lincoln.


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