2nd March, 2007

through Lisa

L: Dear Mr. Lincoln, could you join me in a little chat today?

A: Hello Lisa. I am here. I would love to.

L: Thank you. When we last spoke you shared your thoughts on secession. Do you see a complete collapse in sustainability?

A: Ah yes ..... isn't sustainability the top priority of every household, every business, and every government agenda? What does it mean? It's mostly an illusion created by man. You are made to believe that it is just as important to you as justice, democracy or truth. It defines how you choose to live on your planet.

How long can you continue to live in this manner before your problems become too big? No one seems to have a road map for sustainability. It just means your ability to sustain what you've always been doing. What if you looked at sustainability as meaning creating what is needed to meet the needs of the present world without compromising the future generations to meet their own needs. And who decides this for you? The secret governments, the corporations, the banks.

The UN has said mankind cannot do things that will deplete the environment any more than we have already. You cannot use all of your resources thinking that if you then replaced them with alternatives you will be fine. For example, replacing the depleting fish stocks in the oceans with fish grown in tanks. Or digging up all of the cheap oil and then finding alternate sources of fuel. You don't have to kill the planet. You only need to implement other options.

Sustainability also involves society and economics. You need a planet that is clean, well governed and economically stable. Republicans bash and borrow, Democrats invest in its people and industries. It's all about finding a way to address all three together. So how do you begin? As for yourselves what kind of neighbourhood and world do you want your children to live in when they grow up?

Some states are deciding on secession because the American government does not reflect the changes that citizens want. Experts now think time is running out. You are living in a dangerous state of being, thanks to your governments. You are now using up all of the world's resources at a rate faster than nature can produce. This is not sustainability. The more people who understand this, the better chance there is going to be change. Each of you must make changes in your personal choices. This contributes to the whole. Lack of effective government and leadership is vital. Your world is being run by people who don't have a sense of limits when it comes to money and profits. The present government is borrowing millions to sustain itself, to prevent financial collapse, and selling your future. It's foolish and arrogant to think this can go on much longer.

You are the most intelligent species on this planet, yet you are not very bright about the way you choose and use resources. You all know what you should be doing.

Are the changes you are making really making a difference? Are recycling, eating organic, turning off the lights, buying less, really working to save yourselves from self destruction? Can you succeed in reducing fossil fuel output in the next few years? Some say it's too late for that, your planet cannot recover its losses. But you can begin to identify that you need to stop very soon. You need a base line and you must stay on this side of it. Consumers, businesses, and constituency must all work together towards this goal. And it must be soon. Politicians can't act without you. The private sector can't sell products to a market. You as citizens are the consumers, you are the constituency and you are the market. I stand behind you in your fight. I am Abraham Lincoln.


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