25th February, 2007

through Lisa

L: I have been asked by concerned individuals if you have any comments regarding the citizens of Vermont requesting independence or secession?

Do you think this is one way that Americans can send a clear message that they no longer support the present government?

A: Yes, Vermont is providing a way out, a process by which other states or nations can seriously consider a solution to freeing themselves of a tyrant government. Independence is good if it restores freedom and rights to its people. If done peacefully it could set the stage for national liberation.

The present system no longer serves its people. It has become too unresponsive to the needs of the individual citizen and small communities. It has become self serving and too powerful, invading any country they wish. It has become too materialistic at the expense of everyone and the earth's resources. The present government has done Americans a disservice by allowing the right to bear arms. The more guns on the street the more deaths are incurred. It has failed you by allowing illegal drugs to rampage, exploitation of sex, immoral and violent TV programming, to name a few.

Your future looks turbulent my brothers and sisters. I see that all systems must break down sooner or later. If you don't make the commitment to make change, be prepared to see a larger gap between the rich and the poor. Be prepared to see more of your freedom removed. Be prepared to see the earth perish. The rich and powerful will continue to take all they can and the poor will have to make do. We are seeing this already.

You could say democracy has lost its soul. And how is it to find its soul again? Each of you are the soul of America, you must once again find yourselves. Who are you? What do you stand for? What do you believe in? Take control of your destiny. Each community needs to take responsibility for themselves. Return to the ways of your Native Indians and your forefathers. Return to nature, respect for earth and life itself. Return to morals, honesty, integrity, self government.

Self government needs to be localized and small and must include every one in the community. If something belongs to all of you, the workers, and is controlled collectively, then all of you are the bosses and all are contributing. America is rich in talent, diversity, intelligence and wisdom. Americans have a large variety of solutions to all of our present problems. The problem is you are not given the chance to implement them. Every one needs to be part of the change and needs to be contributing to the whole.

I am pleased that a large number of you in Vermont are stepping up to the plate for change. You realize that there is a solution. You have realized that diversity, unity, sharing and peace is the way of the future.

Time waits for no one. I am Abraham Lincoln and I support you in your fight.


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