on finding Humanitarian Representatives

9th February, 2007

through Lisa

I wish to continue with our discussion about world matters. Very well, let us proceed. I have returned to help the people of America realize the perils of these times. You are all at a crossroad in regards to what direction your future will go. These decisions will affect the world as a whole. I am talking about the welfare of your planet as well as all life living upon it. We discussed previously that your political systems were very flawed. They are not working in your best interest.

That must change. That means you must find humanitarians among you. You must raise the money he or she needs to run for election at every level of government. This is what has to be done to begin a process of change. Thus far only the members of the elite, wealthy have been candidates for election.

All elected representatives must be willing to work with their communities and states to find the solutions to change. The solutions involve making different choices, not making sacrifices. With change, comes the breakdown of systems and the birth of new ones. And when that happens communities must work together and make the transition as smoothly as possible for reality to another.

People have lost faith in the present system. They have lost confidence that governments really care about them. North Americans consume the most resources on your planet. Much of it is consumed at a very alarming rate, with much of it wasted. How long do you think that is going to last?

What you decide today will come and haunt you tomorrow and so you must make wise decisions about what kind of world you want to live in. Time is running out for this planet. A window of opportunity now exists to make big changes that will benefit future generations.

Act now, start in your communities. Find those who see the big picture and who want change. Adopt your suggestions and ideas. Work as a unit. Everyone has something to offer.

Educate others by writing articles for newspapers in your communities, states. Plan meetings, events, marches for change. If someone in your community has been wronged, stand by them as a community and help justice be done. If you are not pleased with your local representatives, make them accountable or have them step down from their political appointments. Make it your business today to pay attention to what is happening in the world. Seek out the truth, don't settle for the illusions the media presents.

I know your lives are busy ones, you have jobs, families to look after, properties. You must make time if you want quality of life for your children's future. I am Abraham Lincoln. What you do or do not do today will affect you tomorrow.


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