on Caring for our Planet

26th January, 2007

through Lisa

I am here Lisa. I appreciate this time we have to inform the people of America about your dear planet. The population of the world has doubled many times over since I was in the flesh. And that contributes to much of the problems of consumption.

There are three main factors which impact the Earth. The first is the number of people living on the Earth - roughly 6 billion. And this number doubles every few years.

The second factor is, will there be enough food to feed everyone? To provide enough food, water, clothing, housing for one person takes about 12 acres of land mass in which to grow what is needed.

The third factor which impacts the planet is the industries which provide our other needs, such as diamonds, metals, minerals, electricity and oil.

As we speak there is another forest being burned somewhere in the world. For your red meat consumption a farmer must clear more land to raise cattle. Another farmer must clear more land to grow crops. As we lose more forest to farming, more ecosystems are affected such as micro-organisms, indigenous plants, insects, wildlife, air and water.

Fewer trees on the planet means less clean air to breathe more carbon in the air. It also means the Earth is warmer in temperature, there are less trees to absorb the heat. The soil becomes exposed and becomes dry or cracked without the moisture. As the soil dries up there is more erosion, soil is swept away by winds and desert land forms.

It is very overwhelming when you think of the impact each of you has on your planet. The good news is each and every one of you can start to make a difference today.

Pay attention to what you purchase at the store, is it wrapped in plastic, styrofoam? Don't buy it, bring your own container and fill it in the bulk sections of your grocery store. Pay attention to what you put in your garbage, recycling is an option, composting another. Are you wasting water, running your tap for nothing, over watering the lawns? Are you leaving the lights on or appliances on, using more power than needed?

Many of you are already doing a wonderful job caring for your planet and I commmend you for all of your efforts. We also have to make it clear to our wholesalers that we want biodegradable packaging, electric cars, organic food. Governments have to ensure they penalize industrial polluters and demand alternative methods.

I will let you ponder on the matter until we meet again. Together we are powerful my brothers and sisters. Take back your power, make your institutions accountable. Good-day Lisa.


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