Message to the PEOPLE of AMERICA

7th December 2005
through Helen Engel

Now to the facts at hand. There is a great commotion at the White House, as if one shoe has been dropped, and they are waiting for the other shoe to fall. Human beings are leaving the sinking ship fast, preparing their sets of lies in an attempt to free themselves from the webs they have created. We are not too concerned with them. We are mainly concened with the climate for change, so that the changes come about with the least turmoil. You may say this to the people of America.

My dear Americans. Once we went to war, because we had two beliefs. Today we again have two beliefs. One of the beliefs includes justice, truth, a free society and the sovereignty of each citizen. The other view is one of tyranny, oppression, the removal of freedom of speech, the usurption of the laws of the land. Will we go to war? Or will we have a peaceful revolution?

Let us look at it in another manner. Let us look at aggression, and next, at peace and harmlessness. Which do you prefer? [I am typing at 4 wpm] W h i c h d o y o u p r e f e r ?]

People of America, choose liberation through peaceful means. Choose parliamentary procedures, and the wisdom of the law. Be patient. The revolution has begun. The civil war is now waging. It is a war of hearts and minds.

I am Abraham Lincoln. The entire galaxy is watching us, as we make an about-face turn, and look to the Light. The Light guides honest men in the path of integrity, balance, goodwill and friendship. Sew those words on to your belt. Make bumper stickers to declare to all America that you are for peace and love and free people.

When the space ships arrive, you will feel the newness of good faith and love spread over the land. In a very short time you will be free again. The whole world will rejoice. They will understand, because many of them have also fought oppressors.

Be on the winning side. Begin now. Think peace, love, harmlessness, integrity, and sovereignty.
I am with you, tall and lean, and I shall remain with you until this civil battle is won, peacefully.
I am Abraham Lincoln. I thank my very willing messenger for being at my side.

Farewell for now.


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