Inaugural Address for the year 2006.

29th December 2005 PM

through Helen Engel

People of the World. We are at the cusp.

People of the World. We are at the break-through point.

Nations of the World, hearken. The people have won the battle. The armies are being dispersed. This is the Day of Great Rejoicing. This is the day that you come unto your own. Believe it and be glad.

I am Abraham Lincoln, and I have watched as nation after nation has crumbled, and has been walked upon, and crushed, and beaten into the earth.

This has come to an end. Into the heart of every man, woman and child on the face of the earth is a picture of peace and freedom, and love. This is being imparted into the heart of each living being, by the Heavenly Hosts, both Angelic and human. Our population exceeds yours - we outnumber you.

And now we drop gardenias to the earth. .......... (long pause)

A gardenia has the ability to absorb negativity and give off gentle perfume.

Oh yes, people of earth, your time has come. And what will you do differently in 2006 than you did in 2005? You will walk with your head high. You will befriend every neighbor. You will approach your Government and you will say, "We are at peace. Remove the army; destroy the guns; bring our soldiers home; open the gates of prisoners of war and set them free."

My heart burns for the prisoners of war. All prisoners of war - set them all free - NOW! .......... (long pause)

As the transition occurs, as the parting of ways becomes evident to all, then those who are Children of God will come together, and those who prefer the Dark will be left behind. And that will be the New Beginning, there will be no one of the Dark available to form a government and control you. They will have been left behind.

Let me say to anyone who is halfway in between, and says, "I would prefer to be with the people of God, but I will use my talents to assist myself." Let that man take care, and be aware, for his time on earth will be very short, as soon as there is evidence of greed in his heart.

Let me tell you this also, that if a man aspires to treat a woman unkindly, in any manner, he will be dispensed with forthwith.

Let me also say that the person who will not respect the land, and the rivers, and the lakes, and the sky, will not remain on earth for very long. This is a dispensation, but it is a dispensation of truth, and purity.

I want now to speak to those people who are halfway here, and halfway there - those who have seen the Light, but have not entered. This will be a time of awakening for you. Go to the Lightworkers, go to the leaders, go to those who have the Light shining around them. Listen to them and observe, and quickly change your ways. Change your mind, change your attitude and become one of them, because there are no halfway houses en route. There is no place where you can have one foot in heaven and one foot in hell.

How will you choose your representatives to govern? How will you choose your Guardian Administrators? Choose them from your own, those whose light shines the brightest, who have a knowing, who are trained. The Star People have come on earth to serve. They are Masters who have lived on other planets for hundreds of years; the ways of cooperation and group governance are in their membranes, and they will bring that forth.

I am Abraham Lincoln. Beside me are hundreds of beings who will communicate with you, if you will learn to communicate with them. They will guide you.

And now let us join hands, those in heaven and those on earth. Let the New Brotherhood begin.

This is my message to all.


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