Addresses Lightworkers and Religious Leaders
in Canada and America

29th December 2005 AM

through Helen Engel

Words of wisdom flow easily from one who is wise.
From whence comes wisdom? From books?
Wisdom is an assembly of learning, studying, practising, summarising, and finally becoming.

The stature of one who is wise grows. Take Ed Schreyer, your former [Canadian] Governor General. A wise man, a patriot. He could go far, and still serve his country well.

There is a great knowing coming to your country (Canada) and to ours. We are beginning to believe that we can accomplish great things if we work together.

There is a newness in the land, as if we are discovering ourselves. We want this to grow, and we hope that all people will feel that this new Golden Age is truly for all.

I am convinced that the leaders, even if only a few, can lead the masses to victory. That is why I am concentrating on those Lightworkers who have proven that they can stand tall. To stand tall as a Lightworker is to express your beliefs in a simple manner, to condemn no one, and to gather all like minds together.

When like minds of a high intellect get together, their sum intellect rises. When simple folk get together, their general impression of themselves rises.

I am wont to express my pain at what has occurred in America. I wish that it had not occurred. However, since this nation has reached the bottom, it may be easier to rise again.

Let there be a resounding of hope, from every street corner, in every pub and bar. Let the people cry out, God Bless America. We will regain our virtues, and our goodwill, and our stature.

The clergy of this land are great leaders. Let them join forces with those leaders who have lived before. Call on the great leaders who carried the torch when there was religious persecution. Be at the side of any human being who is ostracized because of race, color or creed.

In the twinkling of an eye we could be transformed. However, we are recovering gently, so that all will grow in a manner that is pleasant, notwithstanding pressures that may come from near and far.

When the bugle blows, it will be angels who will appear, not armies.

Stand tall with me now. Be the one whom I will recognize, and say, "Well done."

You are needed. Please come forth.

NESARA INTERNATIONAL: Abe Lincoln NESARA INTERNATIONAL: Signature of Abe Lincoln NESARA INTERNATIONAL: Ed Schreyer, former Governor General of Canada

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