A Special Blessing to You

27th December 2005

through Helen Engel

[H = Helen ..... A = Abraham Lincoln]

A: Oh yes I am here, and we are both in good form. Now that the main part of the Holiday is over, people can quieten down and do things at their leisure.

The world is spinning, and we spin with it. We seem to be walking on solid ground, and yet that ground moves with earth, from one spot in the universe to another location. The present location of earth is advantageous to its ascension, because strong forces are near it that affect the frequency of earth. This also affects man, who walks on earth.

If I were to tell you that you have the ability to increase your frequency level in an instant, would you believe me?

H: Please tell me more.

A: I could ask you to close your eyes, and with them closed, look up.

H: Yes I am doing that.

A: Now imagine a cathedral in the sky, magnificent and pure. With spires that have lights on them, and the lights brighten the land below.

H: I have the view in my mind.

A: Now imagine yourself entering that church, walking up the center aisle, to the front altar.

H: I am there.

A: I am sitting in a chair, as if I were a pope or a bishop, or the president of a church.

H: I greet you with respect.

A: I place my hand on your head, and I give you a blessing.

H: Yes.

A: What did you receive?

H: Please explain.

A: You received the highest blessing that a human could bestow on another human. This is what I give you.

H: I am deeply honored.

A: Now, let me tell this to the people of America. It is possible for every person in America, to repeat the ceremony. Come to me. Rise up to the cathedral, walk down the aisle. Come before me, in hope, and confidence, and I will give you my blessing.

You will understand the purpose for which you have been born.


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