18th December 2005

through Helen Engel

There is only one hope for the world, and that is prayer. Prayer is not so much a supplication, nor a pleading, as it is a uniting with the Source. Therefore, when you unite with the Source, it is not necessary to pray. Let us say that a dog hears his master coming, and he barks, and he barks. But as soon as the master is at the dog's side, the dog ceases to bark.

That is the way that it is with prayer and supplication, and Oneness. If you pray and plead, and beg, you send one energy into space, and that is the energy of prayer. If your attempt is to reach the Creator and enjoy the Oneness, then your energy is that of reaching. When you have reached the Creator, the Oneness can begin.

For the Light Worker who reaches Oneness with the Creator, actions begin almost immediately. Let us take an example. If a little child was learning how to throw a ball and he threw it by himself, it might go forward three feet. But if the father stands behind the child, and holds the child's arm, and together they thrust the ball, the ball may go a distance of 20 feet. That is how it is when you unite with the Creator. You are able to use the force of the Creator to give greater impetus to your own energy.

I am Abraham Lincoln, and while I do not usually preach, it was necessary that I give you this guidance from Heaven so that instead of praying for peace, you will unite with the Creator and thrust of the energy of the Creator to earth, and then peace will be accomplished much sooner, and with greater clarity.

How will we as a nation become unified with the Creator, so that the energy of the Divine will be our guiding light? How does the single person unite with the Creator? How does a group? How does a community? How does a state? How does a nation?

We have never really learned that, as people of America. Instead, we have learned singleness, and self-accomplishment, and the great pride of being better than someone else. Oh what a shame! If only we could have known, while we were building the framework of this nation, that it would be necessary to build it under the guidance of the Creator. However, it is not too late. We are remodelling our society we are almost starting from scratch. We are beginning with a group; we will learn group thought and group participation, group decision making, and group action.

This will be a long course, because there are many attributes in our personality makeup that we will need to leave behind. One of them is competitiveness. Another is greed, another is a desire to be known, which is an offshoot of ego. Another is a great love of things, which is called materialism.

If we let these go, what will we replace them with? We replace greed with unselfishness, we replace ego with humility, and we acquire those traits that can be seen in one who is at peace with his brethren and with his Creator.

This changing of the guard, or changing of the personality, can be done privately, but it can also be done as a group. For example, a person who in the past would attend a meeting of four or five people and manipulate the conversation, will need to learn that there is a limit to how much time each person speaks in a certain amount of time. If you have a one-hour meeting, and you have six people attend, then every person should be able to have a voice for 10 minutes.

This goes on, until there are changes in the personality of the members of the group.

When those personality changes have become so evident that each person notices, then the personality of the group has changed. At that time, the group can go forward.

What about decision-making? Should the facilitator or the chairman make all of the decisions, or should he make none of them? Decision-making should be a consensus of opinion and a consensus of thought. It may require a vote, or it may merely require an assumption that all agree.

When a group decision is made, the next procedure is group action. Group action is as important as all of the rest. Perhaps the group members know the problem, and have listened to all of the facts, but unless they take action, nothing will have occurred. So what action do you take? What action should a group take after it has discussed a topic and made a group decision? The group action needs to be for the good of all, and for the harm of none, and for the betterment of mankind.

That is sufficient for this time. It is important that each person be allowed to think, to make a choice, to come to a group decision, and to take community action. We are the march - we are on our way.

I am Abraham Lincoln, and I greet with joy, and I am very grateful that I am able to be heard at this time. That is all.


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