"Speak up, America!"

16th December 2005 PM

through Helen Engel

There is much to be said about preparation. We prepare for Sunday school, we prepare for kindergarten, we prepare to go horseback riding. We even prepare for war.

Who makes the decisions to go to war? The people? When was the last time on earth that a people prepared for war without a leader? No, the so-called leaders of a nation prepare for war. They take the wealth from the people, the finest men of the land, and they go to war. For several years all energy goes "for the war effort".

Did you ever hear of anything so outmoded? Let's look at society in a new way. Let us look at a country, say Argentina. How far is it from the United States of America? Is it a threat? Let us look at Poland. Is it a threat? Let us look at Iraq? Is it a threat?

My people, you have been hoodwinked, you have been lied to, your earnings have been stolen from you. It is time to put a stop to it. I am Abraham Lincoln, and although I could have come back to earth as an infant, and grown, and become a soldier, and fought in Iraq for my country, I chose not to do so.

I have decided to come to you in Spirit, the Spirit of the President who freed the slaves. And I have come to free the slaves again. I have come to free each American from a false income tax, from a money system that has no worth. I have come to free you from the bondage of cartels and monopolies.

Wake up America. Your lives are at stake. While you unite in groups, and in Truth Committees, there is one more thing that you can do. That is to speak up.

Where do you speak?
What do you say?
Who will listen?

You may speak in the coffee shop, after church, in the cafeteria at work. What will you say? You will say, "We have made a grave mistake. We have let democracy slip through our fingers. We have a police state. We will not go to war. We will not allow our sons to be killed in battle in Iraq, or in Afghanistan, or on our own shores. We are sick of killing and lying and stealing."

This is a time for every American to take a stand. What will you stand up for?
For your children.
For your land.
For your job.
For your health.

Oh my people, you could be so strong that you could overturn every court in the land. You could destroy every tank gun in America. You could bring every wicked bank to its knees.

Why do you do not so? Because there has been installed in your heart a fear. There has also been installed in your mind the belief that this is the way it is.

This is not the way it is. The way it is, is for peace, happiness, the enjoyment of life. Come with me now. Let us look at the New America.

[Spoken very slowly] Peace. Love. [I type at 4 words per minute.]

Kindness. Friendship. Babies born into homes of love. All children educated. Peace in the skies. Peace on the seas. No more foul air. Good water to drink.

These are ours.

Demand them today.

I am Abraham Lincoln.

Every word that appears before you came from my mind, and has been written by this scribe at my request. She has blessed our nation by allowing herself to come forth and giving me this opportunity to speak with you. If you doubt her, then learn telepathic skills and come and speak with me. I am always open to hear from you.

Let us discuss your life and your future. Let yourself be heard, on earth or on the Internet.

The time is now.

We are ONE.


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