Message to the


6th December 2005
through Helen Engel

H: Helen Engel greeting Abraham Lincoln.
A: And I greet you in return. You are on time.
H: Yes sir.

A: Today we shall discuss the nature of man, especially the nature of one who would perpetrate a crime on the American people. Such a being is full of a desire for power, and greed, and is completely inconsiderate of human needs. There is a presumption about such a person that his will, his authority, can usurp all laws. This is what has befallen the people of America for the past few years. I have returned, and I will build the people up again. No more torture of innocent people, no more killing of our prime young men.

When I discussed with my guiding council, the matter of the trends in America, we devised a plan where I would return, not in the flesh, but in Spirit. The return of a Spirit has greater possibilities for change than for one man to walk among a few people. The return of the Spirit can be all encompassing, can spread over an entire nation. I tell you this. I will touch the heart of every American living on this land. I would not be able to do this by walking among you. Would you like to know how I can touch the heart of Americans? By combining my desires for America with the desires and dreams and hopes of every American who has lived on this precious land, has tilled the soil, and sailed on the rivers, has climbed the mountain peaks. The number of Americans in heaven is greater than the number of Americans on earth today We swing the tide. Our purpose, our intent, our dream, our wish is to make you free.

We are returning. We are returning in space-craft. You will see us in the skies momentarily. We are you. We walked before you. We trained you. We opened the frontiers. We buried our dead in battle. We have come to redeem you with our tender love.

And now I will address the Senate and Congress of Americas. I am Abraham Lincoln, and I speak through a human being who has been touched by God, and who has been prepared by God to do this work. She has an instrument in her head that connects with my beingness, and as I send these thoughts out, her fingers touch keys on a computer keyboard, and this message goes out to you.

This is your time to save your country. This is your time to declare peace. This is your time to stand up for the principles that you have been taught.

Not one American should be cold or hungry. [spoken slowly and deliberately, typed at 4 words per minute - 4 wpm]

Take heed now. Take action now. Feel in your heart the stirring, the desire to help your fellow Americans.

My messenger weeps. She feels the agony of the poor. Let yourself feel that also. Go out, care for each other, love each other.

I am with you,
And I shall come again.
I am Abraham Lincoln, a man of America and a man of God.

H: Sir what will I do with your message
A: Send it to Milson and give him free reign. Then rest, for you have been elevated to heaven to receive this message.
H: Thank you sir.
A: Farewell. I shall return.
H: Would you like to set a time?
A: Yes, 6 pm this day


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