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NESARA INTERNATIONAL: Abraham Lincoln, 1865, last portrait

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beginning December, 2005

telepathically received

On TELEPATHY 2nd December 2005
To the Senate, Congress and People of America 6th December 2005
To the People of America7th December 2005
To the Civil Servants and People of America8th December 2005
To the People of America9th December 2005, AM
To the People of America - A Poetic Message9th December 2005, PM
To the New Government of America12th December 2005, AM
How to Rebuild America12th December 2005, PM
A Poem On this uncivil war13th December 2005, AM
To the People of Goodwill14th December 2005, AM
Set up TRUTH COMMITTEES15th December 2005, AM & PM
On TOLERANCE16th December 2005, AM
Speak up, America!16th December 2005, PM
On PRAYER18th December 2005
A Special Blessing27th December 2005
To Lightworkers and Religious Leaders29th December 2005 AM
The Conundrum of Government29th December 2005 PM
To the People of the World30th December 2005 AM
To the People of America9th January 2006 AM
The New Executive Branch18th January 2006
On the Dawn of LIBERTY21st January 2006
On the Renewal of AMERICA22nd January 2006
To Jack Layton of the NDP in CANADA24th January 2006
On GOVERNMENT22nd February 2006
People of America - Listen to our Advice!22nd February 2006, PM
On Working Together in a New World 23rd February 2006
Choosing a New Government24th February 2006
The Power lies with You!27th February 2006
On FREEDOM1st March 2006
On Disclosure of Government Treason1st March 2006 (2)
The Light shines through in Washington3rd March 2006
A Time of Renewal8th March 2006
The Walls of Jericho come tumbling down13th March 2006
Downfall of the Government2nd April 2006
The Victory Has Been Won28th June, 2006
Our Polluted Planet24th January, 2007
On Caring for our Planet26th January, 2007
On finding Humanitarian Representatives9th February, 2007
On the Illusion16th February, 2007
On the Secession Vote in VERMONT25th February, 2007
On SUSTAINABILITY2nd March, 2007
On POVERTY9th March, 2007

John F. Kennedy adds his voice:

7th December 2005 Carry on with Economic and Political Reform
7th March 2006 Listen to the Truth about your Government
11th March 2006 Your Nation, Your Planet, Your Children's Future
22nd November 1963 The Message Never Given - retrieved from notes
30th March 2006 Open your eyes to Injustices
7th April 2006 Create Thoughts for Change
13th April 2006 Speak up for your Rights!
14th November 2006 The Flame that was lit for me is for all of us
13th February, 2009 Welcoming The Age of Aquarius
17th November, 2009 Remembering 22nd November
3rd December, 2009 At the Ashtar On the Road Conference
11th September, 2012 On the Anniversary of 9-11

The People of Canada are also receiving messages:

From T.C. (Tommy) DOUGLAS and others

see also:
Messages from the CELESTIALS
Message from John J.Kennedy, Nov 2004

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